The Mind-Body Diet Connection

Set aside a specific time each day to meditate and relax, and stick to that routine as much as possible. Starting a daily meditation routine can help relieve stress and lead to a better life!

Let’s begin by getting in a comfortable position. Take the proper time to ensure that your body can fully relax and stay comfortable for any length of time.

When you undertake the mindfulness diet, you’re doing more than changing your eating habits. You’re getting a handle on your mental energy and guiding it toward a healthy, desirable end. Like a lens focuses sunlight to create fire, the mindfulness diet allows you to harness your mental energy and focus it on the goal of achieving your ideal healthy and sustainable weight.

Now, begin to breathe deeply…
…and let it out slowly.

Repeat these deep breaths several more times, inhaling in through the nose…
…and exhaling fully through the mouth.

Throughout this process, you will be grooming your subconscious mind to accept and incorporate the suggestions it receives during meditation. Our three-step method is simple: Motivation, Belief, and Expectation. First, you will develop the mindset necessary to maintain a high level of motivation. Next, you will cultivate the deep belief within yourself that your goal can be reached. Finally, you will create accountability through the personal expectation you place upon yourself to complete this journey.

Pay particular attention to the physical sensation of each breath as it enters your nostrils…

…passes through your throat…

…fills your lungs…

…and spreads throughout your entire body.

Try to notice these sensations as you exhale each deep breath as well.

You may be having trouble fully accepting the notion that your goal can be reached. After all, losing weight requires more hard work and dedication than perhaps anything you have ever attempted before. However, the power of positivity is all that you need to clear any hurdle that you may face. The connection between mind and body is extraordinary. By telling yourself over and over that you can reach your goals, you will begin to make that belief permanent in your consciousness, and eventually, you will notice your body following your mind’s lead. No longer will you be held back by the limiting belief of “I can’t.” Instead, you will be propelled forward by the belief of “I know I WILL!”

Next, begin to focus your thoughts on experiences that bring you happiness. These experiences will be different for everyone, so take the proper time to focus deeply on a particularly joyful experience, whatever it may be.

Now take a moment to survey your body.

Your conscious and subconscious minds are in constant communication. Try an experiment: move your finger. Easy, right? You might say, “That was a conscious effort.”

But what happens on the subconscious level? What about the blood that flowed to the muscles in your finger, allowing it to move? Did you consciously cause your heart to beat, thus sending the blood to the finger? No. It was a joint effort between your conscious and subconscious minds.

As you can see, your conscious mind can have a tremendous impact on your body. Another experiment: think of a time when you were embarrassed. Maybe you feel heat in your cheeks. If you look in a mirror, you might see your face turning red. Your heart rate might increase. These physiological effects are the result of you using your conscious mind to create physical effects. Your thoughts can influence your body; likewise, your body can influence your thoughts. For example, when you feel tightness in your stomach, you might start thinking about food. When you feel dryness in your mouth, you might look for water. Those are two common examples of your body influencing your mind.

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