The Magic Of Nature

Hello, and welcome to your relaxation Beditation story…

It’s time to relax and allow yourself to drift off into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep.

But before we begin, make sure you are feeling as comfortable as possible in your bed…

Using your pillows and blankets so that you feel warm, snug and relaxed

Start to take a slow, deep breath in… So that you can feel your belly expanding like a balloon…

Then breathe the air out with a soft sigh

Practice this once more, taking a slow deep breath in… Feeling your belly expand

Then breathing out with a sigh

And as you do this, imagine your body to becoming heavy, like a floppy rag doll

As though you are gently sinking into your bed

Your mattress feels so soft and comfortable…

As though your bed is giving you a big, warm hug

Soft. Comfortable Relaxed

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Relaxation Meditation
The Magic Of Nature
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