Silver Lining

Hi, everyone.

Thank you for coming with me on this exploration of perception in this Beditation. We are going to try to see how each of us experiences the world in our very own way. Sometimes very differently than anyone else perception means how we view our world and then decide what we see smell hear touch.

And taste means to each of us individually.

You see all of us seem to live in the same world with all the same rules and all the same causes and effects, but actually while we all may see the same event or action taking place or taste the same flavor or hear the same music. We will all have a different experience of those things.

Each of us decides as we are living Our Lives what everything around us means to us, but the very same event that we all see or experience can feel very very different for each and every person. So let’s start our exploration by finding a comfortable place to rest our bodies so we can let our inner selves be heard and

it felt make yourself comfortable in a chair or lying down and close your eyes and using your breathing as always breathe in.

Breathe out.

Now let’s look at a simple example of how we all can experience something but perceive it and then respond to it in very different ways. Let’s take three best friends Davy Kayla and Joseph hearing a song together on the radio as soon as the song starts to play Davy smiles and closes his eyes saying,

That song is so good. I heard it first two summers ago when we all met and became best friends.

Isn’t it a great song breathe in?

Breathe out.

Joseph thinks for a minute and then says yeah, I remember the song. It’s okay. No big deal. They both turned to look at Kayla who has become very quiet a tear slowly falls down her cheek. What’s wrong says Davey Kayla sighs and says, that was the summer our best old dog died. We played this sweet song When We buried him.

breathe in

breathe out.

Can you see now how we all perceive differently sometimes the very same event or happening is filtered through us all our experiences feelings ideas and circumstances. This is a very very big clue about the reality we choose to live in the reality. We each create around ourselves.

And we mostly just let it happen to us rather than trying to shape our reality into what we wanted to be.

breathe in

please out.

Let’s eavesdrop on our three friends just a little bit more Kayla wipes away her tears and starts to smile a little you. Look happier, Kayla. What are you thinking about now? Well, she says I was sad about cake our dog dying, but I guess it was really okay cause he was always suffering so bad with his

Says when he was on we were able to get our new dog fog and I do love him so much to breathe in.

Breathe out.

Does this clue give you any good ideas about how you perceive your world your reality. Do you have anything to do with how events outside yourself shape your world? And can you decide how these events create your reality? What if the very same thing can mean so many different things to each and every person have you ever heard people say

You create your own reality or say look for the Silver Lining when something happens, perhaps something bad Kayla had a totally different perception of the song that played and even though her reaction to it was sad. She could see that the sad event opened the door for good things to happen as well. She could see the silver lining in the sad.

Breathe out.

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