Positive Energy Body Scan

Welcome to this body scan meditation.

Consider the next 45 minutes or so to be an opportunity to dwell completely within your body without any other place to go without anything else to do.

But simply to be present in this moment as it is.

Taking this time to settle yourself in a posture of some comfort.

It might be lying flat on the floor or a mat or cushion.

But if that’s not right for you, you can do the body scan sitting up or even standing.

And whatever the posture you choose, just taking a few moments to settle in.

If you’re lying down.

Noticing the points of contact between your body and the supporting surface.

Notice where the surface is supporting you and where it may not even be touching.

If you’re lying flat arms at your sides palms up if that’s comfortable.

But in any position that works for you.

Just beginning to have a sense of the body as it is.

Aware, perhaps of any activity in the mind any Sensations in the body any lingering effects of the moments leading up to this one.

Just taking note of them.

No need to push anything away thoughts are here. Simply noticing that they’re here and choosing to be aware of the body itself.

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