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Engaging awareness

Let us begin this day together.

This meditation is intended to help you start your day, having total control of your mind and intention.
You will carry this light with you throughout this new day.

Most of the time we hurry out of the bed and start the day in a rush.
Whereas, we could get so much done when we check-in with the mind and body. This helps you set the course of the day ahead.

Forget about old habits.
Instead of reaching for the bulk of emails or reading the news first, make a concrete decision meditate for a few minutes.

You are engaging awareness.

Now, take a deep breath, reserving a question in your mind; “what is my most important target today?”

This should be what you will spend most of the day cultivating.

Is it patience or generosity? It could even be kindness.
Focus your energy on something real, that you wish to experience on a new level in your life.

It does not matter if you consider yourself as a kind, generous or patient person already.

It is another experience when this becomes evident in your life.

At this time, other people with these qualities will begin to extend their aspects to you.

Our kindness towards other turns out to produce kindness for us too.

As does generosity.

When you are generous towards people, the quality is reciprocated.

So focus your mind and energy on one important quality.

Once you are sure of the quality in pursuit, the next thing is to set the intention in motion.

Today, I am prepared to act generously. Today, I am ready to be kind towards people. Today, I am going to exercise patience.

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