Beditations are guided meditations that relax you into a quality sleep, and then gently wake you up at your desired time, all from the comfort of your own bed. Simply choose an evening meditation to ease you into slumber, and a morning meditation to gently wake you up. The built-in alarm clock will wake you at your desired time with a refreshing guided morning meditation. 

Become more present throughout the day.

Relax your body and mind into a deep sleep.

Wake up happy while reducing anxiety.

Relax with soothing background soundscapes.

As the scientific benefits of meditation and the dangers of high-stress levels become more well known, everyone is looking at ways to fit multiple wellness related activities into their already jam-packed days. Getting a good night of sleep is the most important and easy way to do something good for the body and mind each day. That’s why Beditations was created to revolve around sleep patterns, and to bring tranquility and mindfulness back to the beginning and end of every day.

Sleep deprivation is so widely spread it’s considered an epidemic and it has severe consequences on health. It can cause people to eat more, experience impaired driving, have false memories and is even linked to type 2 diabetes. Beditations helps to combat some of the common causes of sleep deprivation. In addition, it promotes a peaceful method of quieting the mind, and a way to wake up with the tools to set good intentions for the day. Through using Beditations, meditation feels less like a chore and more like something to look forward to.

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