Becoming more relaxed

Consider your thoughts and how your body feels right now.
We’re going to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Again, inhale exhale and as you exhale relax inhale calmly and as you exhale just let go of all the stress in your body.

Good, keep breathing calmly and peacefully and just relax.

Where are you tense? Think about these areas and every time you inhale and exhale imagine your body is becoming more and more relaxed.

Envision how relaxation feels: gentle… peaceful… warm… open and happy.

Nourish that beautiful feeling.

Let It Grow.

Consider where you feel tense and the relaxation will soften those tight muscles.

Continue to let that feeling of Serenity expand and spread a sense of peacefulness throughout your body.

Inhale relaxation…

…exhale tension.

Inhale serenity…

…exhale tension.

Continue this slow breathing and bask in the serenity with every breath.

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