Becoming Brave


I’m glad to be here with you again today.

We’re going to explore something important today in this presentation.

We are going to think about being brave being strong and having courage. What is bravery and courage does it mean doing big actions like saving people from harm or rescuing them from some disaster. Yes, it can be that.

But bravery can also be about things in our everyday life challenges that we all face with ourselves our friends our family and our teachers.

When we feel weak being brave can be helpful in small things to so let’s start by opening our minds and our hearts to this idea of our very own bravery and courage and use our breath and relax and feel it more clearly find a very quiet and peaceful place to sit or lie down.

And close your eyes and breathe in.

And breathe out.

As you keep breathing slowly and deeply think about the animals that everyone thinks are brave animals strong proud lions or Soaring Eagles Brave big dogs that protect us or mother bears that keep their cubs safe. We think of all these animals as brave because they do things that take

Barrage, they stand up to danger or conflicts and do their best to make sure they are the ones they love do not get harmed breathe in and breathe out.

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